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Teen parent units

Teen parent units (TPU) provide wraparound support to pregnant or parenting students by working closely with an affiliated Early Childhood Education (ECE) provider as well as community groups and government agencies. This wraparound support enables students to access a range of services and support systems that minimise barriers and increase engagement in education.

TPUs provide secondary education that results in successful transitions to further education, training or employment.

A TPU is an educational unit attached to an established state or state-integrated secondary school (managing school). TPUs operate as a separate department within the school and may be located on or off the school’s site. The ECE, which caters for the children of teen parents, is either onsite or close by.

Establishing a TPU

The establishment of a TPU is driven by the interest of the managing school and is subject to the school having:

  • links with an early learning service, preferably onsite or adjacent to the school
  • the space available (on or offsite) to accommodate a TPU
  • identified the local need for a TPU
  • demonstrated the ability to sustain the TPU roll.


Target student group

A student is eligible to enrol at the managing school of a TPU and be included on the TPU roll if they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. they are pregnant or are a parent
  2. they are a primary caregiver
  3. they are of an eligible age to receive free education (that is, before 1 January following their 19th birthday in accordance with Section 3 of the Education Act 1989).



By developing an Individual Learning Programme (ILP) based on each student's individual needs, registered teachers support students to improve their academic achievement, literacy, numeracy, and career competencies.

An ILP is developed in collaboration with each student and/or whānau when they first enrol in the TPU. The ILP includes educational, wellbeing and transition goals for the student and is used to develop a tailored learning programme that is responsive to the individual needs of the student.

The minimum criterion for an ILP includes:

  • numeracy and literacy goals at a level appropriate for the student
  • wellbeing goals (health, social, behaviour, parenting)
  • career competencies and/or transition goals (either within the ILP or a separate transition plan)
  • a measure to ensure a regular review and update (at least once per term).


Funding and operation

The board of trustees of the managing school (the Board) is responsible for managing all aspects of the TPU including employment, reporting, and resourcing to manage the TPU. The Board has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry that outlines the roles and responsibilities of all parties in operating a TPU. 

The Board is responsible for employing registered teachers to staff the TPU and a Teacher in Charge (or Director) who oversees the unit. The Board will act as a good employer following accepted appointment and performance management processes. This includes supporting staff to access professional development that will support continuous improvement and lead to increased outcomes for students.

The TPU is an important part of the wider school, and as such the Board will develop its school charter to reflect the needs of the learners attending the TPU and include information on their progress and achievement in its Annual Report.

Operational funding for the TPU is paid directly to the managing school. The amount of funding provided is based on the approved maximum roll of the TPU, at a Decile 1A rate. TPUs are also provided with staffing and management units which allows the Board of the managing school to employ registered teachers at a 1:10 ratio.


Monitoring and reporting

Download Word versions of the TPU Annual and midyear report:

Word 2007 icon. TPU midyear report (Word 2007 36 KB)

Word 2007 icon. TPU annual report (Word 2007 36 KB)

There is a requirement under the TPU MoU to report on outcomes and student achievement to ensure accountability for public funds. The midyear report is due on the 5th working day following the start of school term 3. The annual report is due no later than April of the following year.


Guidance and framework

The TPU operational guidelines provide practical information on the Ministry’s policies related to running a TPU, including information on enrolment, attendance, resourcing, property, and the ECE service.

Download the guidelines:

PDF icon. TPU Operational Guidelines (PDF 421 KB)

The TPU outcome framework is a tool for TPU teachers and leadership staff that sets out the key outcomes and indicators of best practice in TPUs.

Download the framework:

PDF icon. TPU Outcome Framework (PDF 822 KB)


Education Review Office (ERO) reports 2017 and 2018

In 2017 ERO reviewed each of the 24 TPUs to investigate the quality of education provided and the extent to which they supported positive outcomes for TPU students and their children. Each report included specific recommendations for the TPUs. 

In July 2018, ERO released the evaluation report on Teen Parent Units. The report was a summary report of the 24 TPUs individual reports that were released in 2017. ERO wanted to know how effective are TPUs in supporting and promoting positive outcomes for students. They looked at:

  • what are the important features of TPUs that have an impact on student outcomes?
  • how effective is the leadership, management, and organisations of the TPU?
  • what do the TPUs know about outcomes for individual students?
  • how well do the TPUs’ processes promote and support student engagement and success?
  • what is the quality of teaching and learning at the TPUs?
  • how well do TPUs work with their educational and community providers to promote outcomes?

ERO also provided recommendations for:

  • the Ministries of Education, Social Development, Health and Oranga Tamariki
  • the Ministry of Education
  • all TPUs.

The report is available on the ERO website - Teen Parent Units - July 2018 .

The links to the individual reports are on Appendix 3, page 33, of the report.


Association of Teen Parent Educators New Zealand (ATPENZ)

Association of Teen Parent Educators New Zealand (ATPENZ ) – site covers what you need to know about studying at secondary school as a teen parent.

ATPENZ promotes the provision of ongoing education for young parents and supports the schools and teachers who provide these opportunities.

Teen Parent Schools  – you can read more about teen parent schools in your region.

Early Childhood Centres (ECE)   – has a list of ECEs that support and are associated with teen parent schools. The page has contact information for each provider, including contact name, physical address, email address, and phone number.

Further information

Learning Support services
For information on Learning Support services and regional office, visit Learning Support  on the Ministry of Education's website. 

Ministry regional office
To contact your Ministry regional office, go to Learning Support Services  on the Ministry's website.

Becoming a host school
Find out about Becoming the host school for a Teen Parent Unit

Further queries
For further queries, email the Ministry at teenparent.unit@education.govt.nz


Teen parent units, managing schools and ECE centres

Ministry region

Teen parent unit

Managing school

Attached ECE centre

Tai Tokerau 

He Matariki Teen Parent School Whangārei

Email: terric@hematariki.school.nz

Phone: 09 438 2602

Mangakahia Area School

Email: admin@mangakahia.school.nz

Phone: 09 433 1702

He Kākano Early Learning Centre

Email: hekakano@teorahou.org.nz

Phone: 09 438 1840

Hiwa-i-te-rangi Teen Parent Unit


Email: eleanorb@northlandcollege.school.nz

Phone: 09 401 3200

Northland College  

Email: admin@northlandcollege.school.nz

Phone: 09 401 3200

Kowhai Corner

Email: lancewhiu@hotmail.com

Phone: 09 401 0114


He Wero School for Young Parents


Email: hewero @hhs.school.nz

Phone: 09 838 9085

Henderson High School  

Email:  admin@hhs.school.nz

Phone: 09 838 9085

Barnados KidStart Childcare – Henderson Early Learning Centre

Phone: 09 838 0419

Email:  maree.findlay@barnardos.org.nz

Connected Learning Centre  


Email: maevat @tangaroa.school.nz

Phone: 09 274 5764

Tangaroa College  

Email: office@tangaroa.school.nz

Phone: 09 274 5764

Haumia Early Childhood Centre

Email: maxine@ecemanagement.co.nz
Phone: 09 377 8700

Eden Campus

Mt Eden.

Email: kdonnelly@aggs.school.nz

Phone: 09 638 3412

Auckland Girls’ Grammar School

Email: admin@aggs.school.nz

Phone: 09 307 4180

Eden Campus Early Learning Centre

Email: edencampuselc@aggs.school.nz

Phone: 09 638 3413

Taonga Education Centre


Email: a.taufau@jchs.school.nz

Phone: 09 269 2863

James Cook High School  

Email: admin@jchs.school.nz

Phone: 09 268 3950

Pōtiki Early Childhood Centre

Email: potiki@taonga.org.nz

Phone: 09 269 2862


He Puaawai Teen Parent Unit


Email: g.cotter@fraser.school.nz

Phone: 07 847 9044

Fraser High School  

Email: office@fraser.school.nz

Phone: 07 847 9044

Campus Creche at Fraser

Email: creche@campuscreche.co.nz

Phone: 07 847 4696

Pa Harakeke (Teen Parent Unit)


Email: info@tokoroahigh.school.nz

Phone: 07 886 6109

Tokoroa High School  

Email: info@tokoroahigh.school.nz

Phone: 07 886 6109

Tokoroa Childcare Centre

Email: tok.ark@xtra.co.nz

Phone: 07 886 8605


Bay of Plenty,


Te Āhuru Mōwai Rotorua School for Young Parents


Email: office@rsfyp.school.nz

Phone: 07 348 6836

Rotorua Girls' High School  

Email: principal@rghs.school.nz

Phone: 07 348 0156


Te Whakatipuranga - School for Young Parents


Email:  tvalois@otc.school.nz

Phone: 07 557 8808

Ōtumoetai College  

Email: office@otc.school.nz

Phone: 07 576 2316

Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic Early Childhood Education Centre

Email: irene.osbaldiston@toiohomai.ac.nz

Phone: 07 557 8737

Whakatāne School for Young Parents


Email:  marion.woodley@staff.whs.co.nz  

Phone: 07 929 5010

Whakatāne High School 

Email: admin@whakatanehigh.school.nz

Phone: 07 308 8251


Te Tari Ako Matua Taiohi Education Centre


Email:  kylie.torkington-carter@tarawera.school.nz

Phone: 07 323 8400

Tarawera High School  

Email: office@tarawera.school.nz

Phone: 07 323 6553

Ngā Ririki Early Learning Centre

Email: ngaririki@centralkids.org.nz

Phone: 07 323 9324


Hawke's Bay,


Hawke's Bay School for Teen Parents  


Email:  biff.waddel@colenso.school.nz

Phone: 06 833 6758

William Colenso College  

Email:  postmaster@colenso.school.nz

Phone: 06 831 0180

Colenso Early Childhood Centre

Email: jo.mcmillan@colenso.school.nz

Phone: 06 833 6757

Te Whare Whai Hua Young Parents Centre  


Email: kelly@lyttonhigh.net

Phone: 06-833 6757

Lytton High School  

Email: info@lyttonhigh.net

Phone: 06 868 5193

Te Whare Whai Hua

Email: Manager@ora.org.nz

Phone: 06 868 7722

Te Tipu Whenua o Pā Harakeke  


Email: melanief@flaxcol.co.nz

Phone: 06 650 0679

Flaxmere College  

Email: office@flaxcol.co.nz

Phone: 06 879 9833

Te Tipu Whenua Early Childhood Centre

Email: ttw.flaxmere@gmail.com

Phone: 06 650 0713





Stratford High School Teen Parent Unit  


Email: tjones@stratfordhigh.school.nz

Phone: 06 765 0402

Stratford High School

Email: mail@stratfordhigh.school.nz

Phone: 06 765 6039

Koru Kindergarten

Email: koru@kindergartentaranaki.co.nz

Phone: 06 765 6051

Whakatipuria Teen Parent Unit  

Palmerston North

Email: johansonj@freyberg.ac.nz

Phone: 06 353 5690

Freyberg High School  

Email: office@freyberg.ac.nz

Phone: 06 358 4971

Ngā Rito o Te Pūawaitanga Early Childhood Centre

Email: ngarito@xtra.co.nz

Phone: 06 357 5526


Titiro Whakamua Teen Parent Programme  

Upper Hutt

Email: whiteleyd@heretaunga.school.nz

Phone: 04 528 8977

Heretaunga College  

Email: info@heretaunga.school.nz

Phone: 04 939 9370

Titiro Whakamua – Looking Forward Early Childhood Centre

Email: titiroecec@xtra.co.nz

Phone: 04 529 8355

He Huarahi Tamariki  


Email: info@hht.school.nz

Phone: 04 232 0956

Wellington East Girls' College  

Email: wegc@wegc.school.nz

Phone: 04 385 8514

Kids Count Tawa - The Griffin School

Email: lisa@kidscount.co.nz

Phone: 04 232 0920

Puawānanga Wairarapa Young Parents  


Email:  prue.harawira-smith@puawananga.nz

Phone: 06 377 3491

Makoura College  

Email: office@mc.school.nz

Phone: 06 378 6074

Makoura Community Early C-Hood Centre

Email: mcecc@xtra.co.nz

Phone: 06 377 0224

He Whare Manaaki Tangata  


Email: fleurnet@waiopehu.ac.nz

Phone: 06 368 1073

Waiopehu College  

Email:  secretary@waiopehu.ac.nz

Phone: 06 368 8303

Arohanui Kindergarten

Email:  info@wmkindergartens.org.nz

Phone: 06 368 7429




West Coast

Nelson Young Parents School  


Email:  ineke.reynolds@ncg.school.nz 

Phone: 03 548 7970

Nelson College for Girls  

Email: admin@ncg.school.nz

Phone: 03 548 3104

Auckland Point Kindergarten

Email:  aucklandpointkindergarten@ntk.org.nz

Phone: 03 546 3383



Chatham Islands 

Karanga Mai Young Parents College  


Email:  r.robertson@kaiapoi.school.nz

Phone: 03 327 8386

Kaiapoi High School  

Email: learn@kaiapoi.school.nz

Phone: 03 375 5004

Karanga Mai Early Learning Centre

Email: karangamai@wellbeingnc.org.nz

Phone: 03 327 8315

Kimihia Parents' College  

Woolston, Christchurch.

Email: diane.atkins@klc.school.nz

Phone: 03 982 0100

Te Aratai College  (formerly Linwood College)

Email:  secretary@linwoodcollege.school.nz

Phone: 03 982 0100

Kimihia Early Learning Centre

Email: nan.caldwell@klc.school.nz

Phone: 03 389 1800




Murihiku Young Parents’ Learning Centre  


Email:  office@myplc.school.nz

Phone: 03 217 9659

James Hargest College  

Email:  office@jameshargest.school.nz

Phone: 03 217 6129

Ngā Tamariki @ MYPLC – Surrey Park ELC Inc

Email:  admin@childcareInvercargill.co.nz

Phone: 03 217 3477