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Study support centres

Study support centres are educational programmes that provide additional educational support for students in Year 3-8 from schools who may be at risk of educational under-achievement.  The Ministry of Education provides funding for schools or community groups to run centres outside of regular school times. 

The programmes are designed to assist senior primary students to develop or improve good study habits, leading to increased achievement as they progress through further education.


Target student group

Study support centres support students in Year 3–8 from decile 1–3 schools. These schools will also have a minimum roll size of 100 students.



Study support centres can be run by schools or community groups with preference given to joint school and/or community initiatives. 

Study support centres can be supervised study centres within schools or supervised centres within community facilities.


Establishing a study support centre

Schools and community organisations can apply for funding to establish and help run study support centres. Schools must have a minimum of roll size of 100 students to apply. Schools may come together to apply as a group as long as they meet the minimum roll. Preference will be given to groups that will support students in decile 1–3 schools. Schools falling outside of this decile range may also be given funding for a study support centre at the discretion of the Ministry Director of Education in the region.



Funding can only be used for running/operational costs and the employment of staff. It cannot be used for capital expenditure such as buildings and computers.
Access to computers is a priority for this educational programme. Students must have access to the internet in the same way they are now able to do so within their school environment.

Funding cannot be used to purchase computers. 


Applying for a new study support centre

Download a Word version of the Study Support Centre application form:

Word 2007 icon. Study Support Centre Application Form (Word 2007 53 KB)


Schools and community groups who want to apply for funding to run a study support centre can download a study support centre application form and send it to their Ministry regional office.


Contract monitoring and reporting

Download a Word version of the Study Support Centre mid-year report:

Word 2007 icon. Study Support Centres mid-year report (Word 2007 17 KB)


There is a requirement under the study support centre contract to report on outcomes and student achievement to ensure accountability for public funds. This is to be completed by the managing school.


Further information